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The I18n Guy web site is about regional and cultural differences, internationalization (i18n), localization (l10n), globalization (g11n), translation and software engineering. Pages are added and updated frequently.

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Graphic of the world

Web Internationalization

Web Internationalization Tutorial is updated for each Internationalization and Unicode Conference

Web Internationalization Resources

Example Hebrew Web Page: Shema Yisrael
Internationalizing Web Addresses (IDNA, IRI)
Useful Meta Tags i18n devil figure indicates popular items
Right-to-Left Text in Markup Languages
Representing Characters in HTML
To Serve Man (Web i18n tips)
France Adopts La Toile (the Web) (1998)

W3C Web Internationalization

I18nGuy participated in these:
Character Model for the World Wide Web 1.0: Fundamentals
Character Model for the World Wide Web 1.0: Normalization
Ruby Annotation
Web Services Internationalization Usage Scenarios
W3C Web Internationalization articles
W3C I18n GEO FAQ: HTML, XHTML, XML & Control Codes
Authoring Techniques for XHTML & HTML I18n 1.0


Blogs and Language and Translation i18n devil figure indicates popular items
Japanese For That Poor Woman
I Aim To Please
(True) Internationalization Incidents
East Coast/West Coast Language Differences
English is difficult!
Hospital Chart Instructions
Hotel Signs With Strange Wording
Instruction Manual Snafus
Language Fun
Life's Little Ironies
News Headlines
Noah's Chevy Nova
Twain's Plan for the Improvement of English Spelling
Europe's Plan for English Spelling
Signs That Never Occurred (aka Odd Signs)
Translation Mistakes By Marketing Folks i18n devil figure indicates popular items
Chaos- A poem about English Pronunciation


Agile Localization Practices i18n devil figure indicates popular items
Checklists, Guidelines
Origin of the Abbreviation "I18n"
I18n and L10n Discussion Forums
Microsoft's Approach To Neutral Or Universal Spanish
Motherhood, Apple Pie and I18N (PDF, 665KB)
Calendar: Japanese Emperor Dates
User Interfaces for Bidirectional Languages
Right-to-Left Text in Markup Languages

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Internationalization Engineering Consultants
Internationalization & Localization Tools
Localization & Translation Vendors
Internationalization/Localization Book List

Managing Localisation Projects Workshop
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New Feature: Spam Glam! i18n devil figure indicates popular items
Website Malfunction!
Epson the inkaholic printer i18n devil figure indicates popular items
French Freedom Glossary
Unicode Humor
Haikus for IUC33
Internationalization School
Internet Junkie
True Customer Support Stories
A Pet Dilemma for the Modern Family
Celebrity Viruses
What's the Big To-Do?
I18nGuy's Top 10 list
Meeting Management
Adventures in Internationalization
Engineer jokes (non-I18n)
Engineer jokes 2 (non-I18n)
Engineer jokes 3 (non-I18n)
Cogito, ergo sum


Compelling Business Example for Unicode: i18n devil figure indicates popular items Unicode and Code Pages:

Right to Left (Bidirectional) Languages


Who Do You Save?
African vs. Indian Elephants
Why Some Drive On The Left Vs. The Right i18n devil indicates popular items
Driver Identification Guide
Green PCs (personal computers)
International Diets
Americans Abroad
六曜 (ROKUYO) Lucky And Unlucky Days in Japan
Japanese Wedding
Western style Wedding in Japan + Japanese version i18n devil indicates popular items
Pepsi Please!
Rest Stop
Taiwan, After The Quake
Clothing Size Conversion Charts
Shoe Size Conversion Charts i18n devil figure indicates popular items
Les Graphiques de Conversion de Taille de Soulier

Unicode Supplementary Characters and Surrogates

I18n QA and Testing

Benefits of Standards


Information Resources For Locales And I18N
Locales, Locales, Locales, from IUC22 Unicode Conference
Key points from the IUC22 Locales Panel
Paper: "What's Wrong With Locales?"
Table of Issues Using Locales in Software
Table of Advantages Using Locales in Software

ISO 8601 Date & Time Standard

Understanding ISO 8601 Date & Time Formats
(zip, ppt, 84KB)

ISO8601 discussion list
(membership required)
Worldwide User-Friendly Dates discussion list
(membership required)
RFC 3339 Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps
W3C Note on Date and Time Formats
Who is I18n Guy?

I18n Guy

Who is I18n Guy? See his Bio or History
Unicode Bulldog Award Winner March 2004
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