Internationalization (I18n), Localization (L10N), or Translation Discussion Lists

Here are mail lists discussing internationalization and localization related topics. Some lists have almost no traffic or stray off-topic quite a bit.

Table entries that look like this are high quality lists, i.e. good content. Traffic may be high or low.

Table entries that look like this are either low quality or low traffic/low membership lists. (I.E. traffic is so low don't bother subscribing.)

Other entries I have no comment on. Suggestions are welcome.

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Discussion Lists
Discussion ListNotes
~500 members, low traffic.
Discusses Computer Aided Translation and Machine Translation software.
Almost no traffic, Few members.
Unicode character manipulation topics, such as character display color, ligation, rotation, font development challenges, input method implementation, etc.
Mostly announcements, low traffic, <100 members
Globalization "Keep in touch" group.
GNU Unicode Font Project 
> 300 members. Internationalization programming topics. Localization is occasionally discussed, but the primary topics are Unicode, language dependent/independent input/output devices, operating system enhancements related to internationalization. There is no specific language, VB, Java, C++, C#, HTML, XML, SGML and all other programming languages and markup languages are fair game. 
> 300 members.
List for .NET internationalization and localization issues.
~270 members. Low traffic
Localization project management techniques, applied to localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n) of software products.
Professional's discussion group for Localization and Internationalization Project Management
> 300 members.
Information sharing forum for people who are interested in localization, internationalization, and product globalization issues. (Historically, the group was started to support people in the North East United States, however, membership is worldwide.) Lots of announcements relevant to l10n, some good discussions
Open i18n standards
perl-unicode@perl.orgPerl language and Unicode
Discusses the world's writing systems. Alphabets, ideographs and hieroglyphs; calligraphy, typography and fonts; i18n, character sets and input methods; Morse, Braille and sign language; literacy, history of writing and invented scripts.
~150 members. Mostly spam of late.
Discussion of software internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) issues, tools and development, including topics of double byte character sets, unicode, and translation.
~100 members. Low traffic.
For TMX (XML translation memory interchange)
~1800 members, high traffic. For Trados Workbench users (and other Trados products). High traffic, goes off on tangents, but has very quality content as well.
Unicode consortium list for discussing unicode, scripts, characters, character sets, and encodings,
Instructions for subscribing are here.
w3c-i18n-ig@w3.orgWorld Wide Web Consortium Internationalization Interest Group's list.
Small group. Low traffic.
Forum for all WWW users and WWW workers to discuss, study, learn and share pracitcal and useful applications of web standards, web standards organizations and WWW policy organizations.
www-international@w3.orgInternationalization, localization, and multilingualism for the World Wide Web.
~100 members. Low traffic.
Professional translators specializing in the translation/localization of Web site contents - subject matters such as tools for Web site localization, technical problems/solution, as well as some (carefully filtered) commercial advertisements/bids directly related to the members business are discussed.


NewsgroupNotes of noise in with the nuggets
comp.std.internatStandards for internationalization
Microsoft's i18n programming newsgroup
Microsoft's dotnet internationalization newsgroup
Microsoft's MSLU (Microsoft Layer for Unicode) newsgroup
Microsoft's Platform SDK Localization newsgroup