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A list of tools to assist translators and localization managers, with hyperlinks to product websites.
Lista de herramientas para asistir a traductores y encargados de localización, con enlaces a las páginas web de cada producto.
(Translation courtesy of DiaLOC.)
Translation Tools
Company Product (and Links to Product Web Pages)
Acrolinx Acrocheck (English)   Acrocheck (Auf Deutsch)
Quality assurance for technical documentation
Translation Office 3000 by Advanced International Translations (AIT)
Translation Office 3000 is an advanced accounting and marketing tool for the translation industry.
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Advanced International Translations (AIT) Translation Office 3000
Accounting tool for freelancers and small translation agencies.
Also does word counts for .DOC, .RTF, .XLS, .PPT, .PPS, .HTM, .CSV, .PDF, .TXT
Alchemy Software Development Catalyst
AnyCount AnyCount
AnyCount reports word, character, line, and page counts for common file formats (.DOC, .RTF, .XLS, .PPT, .PPS, .HTM, .CSV, .PDF, .TXT, .ZIP).
Applied Information Technologies (AIT) Visual Localize
Visual localization of VC++, C#, Visual Basic, .Net
Aquino Software WebBudget
Aramedia Group (Also see Sakhr) Arabic-English CAT Translator
Several products for Arabic-English translation
ArchiText® ABREVE®
Atril Déjà Vu
AuthorIT Software Corporation AuthorIT
Avral Technologies Ltd Avral™ Tramigo™
localization tool for Macromedia® Flash™
babylon.com Babylon translates documents to and from 75 languages
Basis Technology Rosette Globalization Platform
BridgeTerm ProMemoria
Cafetran Cafetran
Java-based translation tool (translation memory, statistics) for XML, HTML, Abiword, Kword, OpenOffice, WordML
a tool for managing distributed internationalized Java-style resources.
Champollion Wordfast
Tool for Microsoft Word Translation
Freeware Translator's Toolboox for Microsoft or Mac
(search/replace, character conversions, format conversions, statistics, password recovery, text alignment, terminology extraction, html tagging)
D.O.G. Dokumentation ohne Grenzen GmbH Assorted tools for translation
ENLASO Corporation
Freeware, open-source localization tools
by Yves Savourel
Rainbow, Horizon, Album
Text extraction/replacement, encoding conversion, source vs. translation compare, etc.

Part of the open-source Okapi Framework, providing interface specifications, format definitions, components and applications for localization.

Yves is a co-presenter of the Web Internationalization Tutorial at Unicode Conferences, participates in creation of localization industry standards (e.g. OpenTag, TMX, XLIFF) and is the author of "XML Internationalization and Localization" ISBN 0672320967.
Globalization Image Assistant Globalization Image Assistant (GIA)
Rapid analysis, classification, reporting and QA of images
GlobalSight Corporation Enterprise Translation Memory and Terminology Management
GNU gettext
Heartsome Araya Suite
Web-based XML content and translation management software. Supports Linux
Heartsome also has XLIFF and TMX editors.
IBM ICU (International Components for Unicode)
IBM's Open Source Library supporting Unicode. Great stuff!
K Desktop Environment KBabel
(for KDE gettext files)
LangBox International LANGBOX
Internationalization of C programs
Language Automation, Inc. WebPlexer
Content Management System for mulitlingual web sites
Lingobit Technologies Lingobit Localizer
Localizes binaries (.exe, .dll, et al.)
LingoPort Globalyzer
Scans source code and reports internationalization errors
Lionbridge Foreign Desk
(open source)
MultiLing Fortis
CAT tool/Translation Memory
MultiCorpora MultiTrans
Translation Memory
OmegaT Open Source Java-based Translation Memory
Ostermiller.org Attesoro
Free, open source, translation editor for Java programs
PASS Engineering Passolo
One of the most comprehensive, feature-filled localization tools.
Supports a large number of development environments (Java, .Net, etc.)
Practiline Software PractiCount and Invoice
Word counting and invoicing tools
Precise Term Software PreciseWriter
Controlled language, provides plain language usage, terminology and stylistic guidelines
Open-source translation and project management
Open-source, web-based, translation workflow and project management
for Windows and Linux systems. Includes financial and online-community tools.
Also see Localization Project Management Best Practices Wiki
PrimaTrans Software Ecco
Translator's Workstation: Translation Memory+Terminology Management
Sakhr (also see AramediA) Sakhr Translator Workbench
Specialized for Arabic support
schaudin.com RC-WinTrans
Microsoft Windows and .Net Localization
SDL Assorted and changing
Sharmahd Computing SC UniPad
Unicode text Editor
SIL International
(formerly known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics)
LinguaLinks, Fonts, Parsers, Converters
& other language analysis-related tools

See also the Ethnologue Tools
Smart Link Corp. Reverso Pro & assorted translation tools
SMART Communications Inc. MAXit Checker, SMART Text Miner, Lexicon Manager, and SMART Translator
Controlled English and Language Checking
Softissimo REVERSO PRO 5
Automated (machine) Translation
Softlang Crystal Translator
Crystal Reports Translation Tool
STAR Group STAR Language Technology
Terminology management, Translation memory
Globalization Management Systems
Stormdance Stormdance Cats Cradle
Freeware Web page editor for translators, from a vendor of web design tools
Surefire Software Total Assistant
Counts words & characters in Word Docs, Acrobat PDF, HTML, PowerPoint & other formats.
Synthema Terminology Wizard, Memory Explorer
Terminology Management, Translation Memory, Machine Translation
Systems Planning MARConvert™
Conversion of MARC data, including transcoding
Tavultesoft Keyman
Create keyboard layouts for any script (Windows)
TermWiki™ An open source collaborative terminology database or "Terminology Cloud". Browse, search, create, translate and share terms, glossaries by industry & subject. Applications can access programmatically
TM Systems PrepStation, TranStation, DubStation, QC Station, RenderStation
Language translation, dubbing and subtitling tools
Trados Trados
(Trados was acquired by SDL)
Translate Toolkit, Pootle, and Virtaal Pootle   Virtaal   Translate Toolkit
Open source tools for Unix oriented translation
Translate.com See Enlaso
Translation Experts NeuroTran, WordTran, PocketTran, PalmTran, MobileTran, InterTran (English)   auf Deutsch
Machine Translation for Web, Palm, etc.
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Validator
validates web pages for conformance to HTML specifications
Validates links on web pages
Evaluation, Repair, and Transformation Tools for Web Content Accessibility
W3C list of tools!
Web Translation Workflow Tools
Language Technology Centre (LTC) Organiser

Computer Aided Translation (CAT)

Translators and localizers use tools for globalization of software, known as Computer Aided Translation or Computer Assisted Translation or CAT. This software comes in a number of categories:

  • Automated Translation
  • Globalization Management Systems (GMS), Content Management Systems (CMS), and Source Control
  • Terminology Management (glossary management)
  • Translation Memory (with fuzzy matching)
  • Language Checking (controlled language support)
  • DTP (Desktop Publishing) Localization
  • Software Localization
  • Web Localization
  • Workflow Tools

Tools For Software Developers

  • Internationalization (i18n) Libraries
  • Internationalization (i18n) Code (Source) Checkers
  • QA (Quality Assurance) Tools

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