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Code Pages, Character Encodings from Software Vendors and Standards Bodies

Here you can find character set and code page information from software vendors (Microsoft, HP, IBM, Sun, etc.) and international standards organizations (e.g. ISO, ECMA, INCITS, etc.). Push any "button" and you will be taken either to the chart of a code page provided by the vendor, or the vendor's web page of links to code page charts. This gives you fast access to popular code pages, as well as access to more complete lists of code page charts.


The links are (mostly) organized by vendor or standard organization. Some code pages are listed redundantly, usually because the code page is being described by different vendors. Sometimes the difference is important. For example, one vendor's view of a code page may be different from another's. Certainly character conversion or mapping tables may be very different. Sometimes a code page has been updated and one vendor is still referring to an earlier version of the code page.

Character Encodings, Transformation Formats, Double-Byte, Multi-byte, UTF...

Note that a "code page" is also known by various other names: codepage, encoding, charset, character set, coded character set, (CCS), graphic character set, character map et al. Some of these have more specific names DBCS (double-byte character set), MBCS (multi-byte character set). Some encodings are the result of transformations, and are known as transformation formats, examples include Unicode UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32.

Unicode UTF-16 Surrogate Code Points, or Supplementary Characters

If you are interested in UTF-16 surrogate code points, or supplementary characters, see
Setting up Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or Windows XP to Support Unicode Supplementary Characters and
Conversion Table: Unicode Surrogates to Scalar Value/UTF-32.

Other Unicode pages on this site that may be of interest include: Cheat Sheet: Unicode-Enabling Microsoft C/C++ Source Code, Hiragana Characters, Hebrew Characters, Benefits of the Unicode Standard, and the Compelling Unicode Demo.

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Czyborra's Site

www.czyborra.com/charsets is offline. Fortunately, Kevin Atkinson has mirrored it at aspell.net/charsets. These buttons now link to his mirror. Thanks Kevin.

Roman Czyborra's site

Czyborra's Vendor Codepages

Czyborra's Vietnamese page

Czyborra's ASCII/ISO 646 page

Czyborra's ISO 8859 Alphabet Soup

So vat's Unicode? Chicken soup?

Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS)

Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS)

Hong Kong ITF on ISO 10646

Here are many transcoding tables expressed in XML files using the Character Mapping Markup Language (CharMapML, UTR 22). The encoding conversion data is used in the Internationalization Components for Unicode (ICU) open source library.

In the following web pages, leadbytes are indicated by light gray background shading. Each of these leadbytes links to a new page showing the 256 character block associated with that leadbyte. Unused leadbytes are identified by a darker gray background.