Information Resources For Locales And Internationalization (I18N)

Here are information resources relevant to software locales (Properties or attributes that describe different ways information is structured, organized, presented or parsed, by different cultures or regions around the world).

The page has become more generally a list of resources for internationalization and localization. Contents of relevant standards are also pointed to.

Also see:
Issues and Advantages with Locales,
I18n Guy's Checklists, Guidelines and Resources.

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Subject areaLink
Supplementary codes for RFC 3066bis
Tags for Identifying Languages
Toward A Model For Language Identification And An Analysis Of ISO 639
CLDR Common (XML) Locale Data Repository
Newsgroup for XML Locale Repository fsg.open18n.locale.user    at    news:// (retired)
Moving to OpenI18n, go to
Locales, Locales, Locales,
at the 22nd international Unicode Conference (IUC22)
Key points raised at the Locales Panel
discussion at IUC22
IUC22 Presentation (PDF, 195Kb)
"What's wrong with Locales?"
IUC22 Locales Panel Paper (PDF, 177Kb)
RFC 3066   Tags for the Identification of Languages (text) (html)
RFC 1766   Tags for the Identification of Languages
ISO 3166   Codes (Country Names) (intro page) (HTML, English) (HTML, French)
CIA World Factbook   Appendix D, Cross-Reference List of Country Data Codes
IANA Registry of Assigned Language Tags
IETF Languages Home Discussion Archives
ISO 639-2   Codes (Names of Languages)
Contains 639-1 and 639-2, 2- and 3-letter codes
ISO 639-2   Codes (Names of Languages) CHANGES document
Locales for East Africa (Yeha project)
ISO 639   Codes (Names of Languages)
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 (N0314/N0234) N3491
Enquiry to SC22 regarding recommendations for Locale Specification
for Internationalization and Localization
ISO 15924
Code for the representation of the names of scripts
Unicode's List of Languages and Scripts
Correspondences of Language Codes:
ISO 639, Microsoft and Macintosh
Correspondences of Country Codes:
ISO 3166, Microsoft, and Macintosh
Microsoft CultureInfo Class
United Nations' Country or Area, Codes and Abbreviations
Everson's ISO 3166-1 Code List
European Commission's Countries and Currencies
(Translated into each of the European Union's languages)
Nice resource-Includes country familiar and official name and capital
ISO 4217 Currency and funds codes (Note- Microsoft Word document)
ISO 4217 Maintenance Agency
IBM AS400 locales
Solving Compatibility Issues with POSIX,
by Bill Hall
Locales and Resources in Windows CE,
by Bill Hall
Suzanne Topping's Position Paper on Locales
for the W3C Internationalization Workshop
I18nGuru's page on locales
Open Group locale definitions
(Costs money)
Universal locales for Linux
Li18nux locales
Li18nux Locale Naming Guide
Microsoft Locales and Languages
Microsoft NLS Web
Microsoft Locale IDs (Win 2k) (Win XP)
Solaris Locales
Solaris Locales FAQ
Sun's supported Locales
Java 2 version 1.4
Java Locale Class
Java 2 version 1.4
Java Resource Bundles
Java 2 version 1.4
Keld Simonsen's Locales
Bjarne Stroustrup's C++ Programming Language - Appendix D Locales
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Shoe sizes

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