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Internationalization (I18n) Engineering Consultants

These consultants and companies can help you with internationalization engineering. For example, performing tasks such as Unicode-enabling, adding support for ideographic languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and bidirectional languages (Hebrew, Arabic).

For help with translations and localization see: Localization Vendors

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XenCraft - Internationalization Strategy and Implementation Services

XenCraft provides software globalization consulting worldwide.

Internationalization (I18n) Engineering Services
Company Contact Information
Logo for XenCraft
XenCraft is the internationalization services company run by I18n Guy
Logo for XenCraft XenCraft offers:
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Training for business and technical managers
  • Training for development, QA staff
  • Product and business globalization strategy
  • Assessments
    • Regional requirements definition
    • Analyze application architecture and tests
    • Gap report and Recommendations
  • Roadmap (high level implementation and resource plans)
  • Detailed Plans, code analysis, report and recommendations
  • Test planning, resourcing and execution
  • Implementation resourcing and execution
ASMUS, Inc. Internationalization Architecture Review, API Design,
Unicode Implementation, Text and Font Handling

Basis Technology info@basistech.com
Logo for Eleks ELEKS Software provides the full complement of localization-related services: document and software localization, localized product testing, process automation, and software engineering services.
i18N Inc.
Montréal, Québec
(Not I18n.com)
Training, consulting, testing, Unicode, Asian, Arabic, C++, Java
LingoPort information@lingoport.com