Epson C80 Printers Go Thru Ink Cartridges Like ...

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Review: Epson Stylus C80 Printer and Ink Cartridges

Epson Stylus C80 inkjet printer is expensive to run

Do not purchase an Epson Stylus C80 inkjet printer. This Epson is very expensive to run. The print quality is very good, although the machine is a bit noisy. Don't fall for the hype that because it uses 4 separate inkjet cartridges it is cheaper to run. Either the inkjet cartridges themselves have very little ink capacity or the printer lays the ink on very thick. The Epson printer goes thru ink cartridges at an incredible rate. The Epson Stylus C80 printer's low/out of ink light is almost always on, as one or the other cartridge is always near empty.

Baghdad Bob says Epson printers conserve ink!
Baghdad Bob gives us the lowdown on Epson printers

The Epson Stylus C80 inkjet cartridges are very expensive

Epson's inkjet cartridge prices currently are:


$65.55! That's a lot of money for a thimble's worth of ink.

A single empty inkjet cartridge prevents all printing

The printer has a particularly ugly feature that if any inkjet cartridge is empty it will not print at all. It is very frustrating if you don't care about print quality and just want to print a draft version. Also, the printer is sometimes incorrect and claims a cartridge is empty when in fact there is ink left. Further printing of any kind is prevented until the cartridge is replaced.

Help! Willing to work for epson cartridges. I have 4 empty cartridges to feed.
Will work for cartridges!
No Epson ink in space
Science News Item:
90% of Mass in Universe is missing. Could be hiding in Epson cartridges!

Most Epson Stylus C80 printer product reviews do not look at actual cost per page

Product reviewers should not blindly echo the manufacturer's hype. Most do not check how many pages are printed per cartridge, and therefore the pages per dollar cost to run the printer. Look for reviews that compare actual maintenance costs.

Check out user reviews.

BearingGuy says Epson foam pad sucks the ink when the printer is idle..
CNET Epson C50 negative reviews also damn the ink costs and say it is Epson's strategy to have small ink tanks.
CNET Epson C80 negative reviews
Joel Shore, Reference Guide: "The product you are buying is not so much a printer as it is an ink vending machine."

Tabloid News Headline:
"Yeti sightings rare.
Epson Ink rarer!"

Complete this phrase: "Epson sucks ink like..."

Normally I would send Epson and certain reviewers, a letter. However, the ink is just too damn expensive to waste on letters. But if I decide to splurge and write one, I want to make sure my letter makes an effective statement. So, I am trying to come up with the best simile to describe the rate at which Epson C80 printers go thru ink cartridges. I have a few listed below. If you have a better one, please e-mail it to "Epson sucks ink like" <>, and I'll add the best ones to this page.

I18n Guy
Epson Stylus C80 Printer

Complete this phrase:

Epson Stylus C80 printers go thru ink cartridges like...

AuthorEpson Stylus C80 printers go thru ink cartridges like:
i18nguylike you wouldn't believe!
i18nguylike a hot knife goes through butter.
i18nguylike Imelda Marcos and Sarah Jessica Parker go through shoes.Sarah Jessica Parker
i18nguylike the Exxon Valdez leaks crude oil.
i18nguylike Jennifer Lopez goes thru wedding dresses.J-lo, Jennifer Lopez in that hot green dress
i18nguylike tachyons going thru hyperspace.
i18nguylike rubber gloves in a proctologists' office.
i18nguylike Michael Jackson goes thru noses.
i18nguylike a black steel, teflon coated, armor piercing bullet goes through a tin can.
found on the internetIt sucks through cartridges like there's no tomorrow.
found on the internetMy Epson printer bleeds ink like a stuck pig.
found on the internetEpson sucks ink like a hoover.
Dana Huselike Monica Lewinsky.
Simon Davieslike I suck in Oxygen.
anonlike cheerleaders on prom night.cheerleaders
i18nGuylike frat boys suckin' down beer at a kegger.
Larry DuschEpson Stylus C80 printers go thru ink cartridges like my ex is going through my bank accounts.
Larry Duschlike a whore goes through condoms.
Dana Huselike a herd of squid.
Robi Buechelerlike a leaking faucet.
Robi Buechelerlike a draining pool.
Robi Buechelerlike water in a desert.
Robi Buechelerlike an alcoholic with a bottle of booze.
Robi Buechelerlike plenty.
Robi Buechelerlike a beaver goes through wood.
Robi Buechelerlike a post office goes thru stamps.
Patricia Buechelerlike the sand through an hourglass.
Patricia Buechelerlike we go through the days of our lives.
Simon Davieslike kids put holes in their clothes.
Victor Smileslike Shane Warne runs through a South African batting line-up.
TrisEpson C80 printers suck down ink like the US government goes through a budget surplus.
TrisEpson C80 printers suck down ink like a dot-com spending it's venture capital.
Brian Zebarthlike the Bush twins suck down a pitcher.
Brian ZebarthEpson C80 printers go through ink like tornadoes go through trailer parks.
Brian Zebarthlike Clinton goes through Big Macs.
Paul KoufalisEpson C80 printers go through ink like a love-crazed, Bible-spewing, money-grabbing, poorly-toupéed televangelist goes through hot, young, blond "disciples".
Dana Huselike pleading thru an NPR pledge break.
Rick CEpson C80 printers suck down ink like Monteczuma's Revenge.
i18nguyEpson is some kind of vampire printer. First it sucked out all the ink, and then it sucked the life outta me!
i18nGuyOh sure, the printing is fast. It's the constant runs to the ATM for more money that hold up the works.
i18nguySoon to be televised Sprint commercial: "I said I wanted a dedicated printer; not a desiccated printer!" Sprint guy
Michael MillerEpson C80 printers go through ink like farts go thru underwear.
Michael Millerlike Mimi goes thru makeup.
Michael Millerlike rumors go thru Hollywood.
Michael Millerlike midgets go thru turnstiles.
Michael Millerlike urine thru the upper bunk-bed.
Michael Millerlike pins go thru eyeballs.
Michael Millerlike kleenex in a massage parlor.
Michael Millerlike food poisoning thru the intestines.
Michael Millerlike K-Y Jelly at ballet practice.
Michael Millerlike Liz Taylor goes thru fried chicken.
Michael Millerlike Elvis leaves a building.
Paul T. O'Learylike Spinal Tap goes thru drummers.
Several people
(not all interns)
like Clinton goes thru interns.
Shanon SharfmanEpson C80 printers suck down ink like the Dell dude sucks on a bong Dude, you're getting a bong
Simon DaviesEpson C80 printers go through ink like the seconds of my life slip by.
found on the up ink like a new born calf.
found on the internetHey, now I can change ink cartridges like I change underwear. Everyday!
Jayson JohnsonEpson C80 printers suck down ink like a black hole.
I18nGuyEpson Stylus C80 printers go thru ink like water goes thru a firehose.
I18nGuyInk comes out of my Epson Stylus C80 printer like rats leaving a sinking ship.
I18nGuyInk comes out of my Epson Stylus C80 printer like lemmings going over a cliff.
I18nGuyMy Epson Stylus C80 printer eats ink cartridges like whales eat plankton.
CopierJohnEpson sucks like an Electrolux!
Chris CoxMy Epson sucks the ink dry like Bush does to the budget!
Jen NuzziWe loved the site and tried to print out the witty quotes but our @#$%&* printer light is currenty flashing that we are (as usual) out of ink. Our status monitor stopped working months ago so we have to eyeball each cartridge to find out which one is the least empty! Our Epson goes through ink like the waves erode the beaches...
Jen NuzziLike the ozone is depleting...
Jen NuzziLike the rainforest is diminishing...
Jen NuzziLike my IQ dropped, since I actually paid to have it repaired!!!
PNSEpson sucks ink like a Viper sucks gas!
Red Sox NationEpson sucks ink like the Babe put a curse on it!
Carl SaganEpson sucks ink cartridges the way nature abhors a vacuum. Billions and Billions...
Cheryl... nursing my tot who sucks quite a bit, but nothing compared to my Epson c64
Samantha Axl Rose goes through bandmates.
Samantha Michael Bolton makes crappy music.
Samantha Madonna goes through religions.
DBakerThe Epson C80 goes through ink "like a dose of salts through a widow woman."
(An archaic expression popular in the early 1900s.)
Cheryl Marie RamseyOnce again my printer is out of ink. As usual I haven't a clue which cartridge to replace. At 65 dollars to replace all of them. I'd probably be better off playing the lottery instead.
Sign me: Too bad I don't have a baseball bat, cuz I would beat this money guzzling SOB to a pulp.
SnoopinDaWebMy C80 goes thru Inkers just like C.W. McCall sang: "Like gas thru a funnel or eggs thru a hen!"
Larry Thompson Starship Enterprise
My Epson CX4600 goes through ink like the Starship Enterprise goes through a wormhole.
Randy HarmonEpson sucks ink like grass goes through a goose
SnoopinDaWebEpson printers go thru Ink like a Patrol Man's Pen.
Pat & SuzanneInk goes through the EPSON printer, if it prints or not, like s*** through a Goose.
Alexandra P.Epson sucks ink like a teenager sucking a milkshake thru a straw
MoeEpson ink jets clog like....An elephant with constipation.
MaggieEpson c80 sucks down ink cartridges so fast, I decided to buy a new printer instead!
Zachary McConnellMy Epson PictureMate goes through ink like Disneyland goes through Mickey Mouse costumes.
Zachary a French lady goes through Angel perfume (by Thierry Mugler).
Zachary United Airlines and US Airways go through top executives.
Zachary President Bush goes through excuses on why we went to war in Iraq.
Zachary Senator John Kerry went through hair gel in the 2004 campaign.
Andy GonzalesEpson sucks ink like my Ford Excursion sucks gas.
Your nameYour analogy here

Epson Stylus C80 printer funnies!

May as well quit crying and start laughing about it...

What do you call something that you keep putting money into and your accounting spreadsheet never gets to use black ink?

a) The Money Pit
b) An Epson Printer
c) An ex-wife
d) Any of the above

Surprisingly, a blonde has discovered a solution that is cheaper than printing with an Epson C80 printer! Blonde discovers solution that is cheaper than printing with an Epson C80 printer!

How many people does it take to change the Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow ink cartridges in an Epson C80 printer?

Answer: 5. One to change the cartridges and four credit card holders to pay and pay and pay...

I18n "I don't get no respect" Guy says:
"I am not saying that Epson's Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow ink cartridges are expensive, but Staples sells them as: Type O, Type A, Type B, and Type AB."

Epson the Horror Movie

("Horror Movie" submitted by Aparna Mukherji)

If a pig could fly, it would look like this: Epson Stylus C80 Printer

Moe, of Fix Your Own Printer .com writes: "As a seller of unclog kits, I love them. They are by far our #1 seller. I started a thread: 101 uses for an Epson printer:"
"Remove the insides and use as a planter".
"Put it on a skeet catapult and use for target practice".
"Line them up in the parking lot and see how many you can jump over with your SUV".
"Ship them to David Letterman so he can drop them off the roof".