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Translation, Localization, Globalization Service Providers

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XenCraft - Internationalization Strategy and Implementation Services

XenCraft provides software globalization consulting worldwide.

Translation and Localization Service Providers

The companies listed below can help you with translation and localization.

LSPs: To be added to this list, send an e-mail with the Company Name and URL. If you have a specialty, or want your general location mentioned, include that. Then be patient. I work on this website for fun, not business, so it gets done when I have spare time. I reserve the right to not include, or remove entries. I do not list individual freelance translators.

In addition to the list of Localization and Translation Vendors below, visit these related internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) lists:
Internationalization Service Providers I18n and L10n Tools
MultiLingual Computing Language Automation XenCraft I18n and L10n Training
Translation and Localization Service Providers
Logo for XenCraft
4Translation, Inc.
ACTC Translation Centre Singapore
Active Gaming Media
Adams Globalization Texas
A Key Factor Translation Services Argentina
All Tasks Multilingual Solutions São Paulo, Brazil
Alliance Localization China, Inc. (ALC)
Alpha CRC Cambridge, U. K.
Argo Translation, Inc.
Argos Translations
Arial Global Reach
Awangarda Poland
Central and Eastern European Translation
B A T & D (Buenos Aires Translation & Design) Argentina
English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese Translation
Freelance translators for: English, French, Dutch (Flemish), Spanish & German.
Business & Languages (Italian) English
Borlan Information Technology Inc.
Burg Translations, Inc.
Canvas Dreams
Casanova Translation
Celer Pawlowsky SL (CPSL)
Champollion Translations
English-French Translations
Chinesization.com Shanghai, China
Comunicación Multilingüe, S.L. Spain
Connect Global Solutions
Conversis Oxford, U.K.
Crimson Language Services
CSOFT International
CJK and European Languages
I18n Guy blog on his visit to CSOFT
DiaLOC Spain
Specialists in English - Spanish Software, Web, & Documentation Localization
Software, Testing, On-line help, & Document localization services for Korean
e-TRANS Corporation
English to Japanese localization
Specializing in healthcare and rehabilitation and marketing of technology for people with disabilities.
Also supporting overseas companies wanting to do business in Japan for the aged or people with disabilities.
Linguitronics Co.
ELEKS Software ELEKS Software provides the full complement of localization-related services: document and software localization, localized product testing, process automation, and software engineering services.
Arabic, Perisan, Urdu Translation
Specializes in ENterprise LAnguage SOlutions
EPK Translations Beijing, China
English-Chinese Translation
EQHO Communications, Bangkok
SE Asian languages- Thai, Viet Namese, Burmese, Khmer, Chinese et al.
ES Bilgisayar Ltd. Turkey
Excel Translations, Inc.
Ficorp, Inc.
ForeignExchange Translations, Inc.
Frog, the Atlanta-Paris Connection, Inc.
French-English translation, interpreters, language lessons, and travel tours
Future Globe
Middle East, Arabic
Gamax Kft (Hungarian) (English) Hungary
Global Languages & Cultures, Inc.
Game Localization Network Video Game Localization
Gemino GmbH helping businesses position products and services in new markets.
Global Software Solutions Inc (GSSI)
Globalization Partners Inc.
Globalyst Corporation
GlobalSight Corporation
GlobaWare International
HighTech Passport, Ltd.
Hewlett-Packard's Applications and Content Globalization Services (HP ACG) group
iDisc Information Technologies, S.L. (Barcelona and Buenos Aires)
Spanish (Latin American and European) and Catalan Localization and DTP.
IDS (International Digital Solutions) Tokyo, Japan
inlingua Translation Services Srl
Integrated Language Solutions (ILS) New Delhi, India
International Communication by Design
@International Services (@IS)
media translators
Interpro Translation Solutions, Inc.
iProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc.
ISP TOIN Group Los Altos, CA
Iverson Language Associates, Inc.
Jonckers Translation & Engineering
Belgium, UK, France, USA and Czech Republic
Julia Figueroa
Spanish Translation and Localization Solutions
K International plc United Kingdom
LangBox International Nice, France
(Arabic, Cyrillic, Farsi, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Thai, Turkish)
Language Automation
Japanese-English Game Localization
Language Engineering Corporation
Specializing in automated translation
Language Intelligence, Ltd. Rochester, NY
Laura Bergamini
(Italian translation)
Lengua Translations
Lingo24 Translation Services
Translation and proofreading
Lingo Systems
Lingua Tech (S) Pte Ltd. Singapore
Linguistic Systems, Inc. Cambridge, MA
Link Translation
Software and web site localization, and technical translation
LSR Associates
LUNATIC Synchron
Dubbing and localisation
Targets German, American & British English, French, Spanish & Italian languages
LUZ, Inc
Media Movers, Inc. Dubai, U.A.E
Localization, dubbing, subtitling, voiceovers & production in Asian, Indian & European languages.
Meridian Translation Technologies Jerusalem
Middle East Translation Services
Global alliance of single language vendors in Asia and Europe.
Moravia Worldwide
MultiLing International, Inc.
Net-Translators Net-Translators
Localization services for software, hardware, and medical devices, and translation of technical and marketing materials in over 60 languages. Net-Translators specializes in compliance to international regulations and robust multilingual testing.
Nisan Translation Services İstanbul TURKEY
Novilinguists Multimedia Inc.
English, French, & German, to Italian
RS_Globalization (English) Auf Deutsch
Ralph McElroy Translation Company
Rapid Solution Software
RIC International Cambridge, MA
Translation of technical documents & patents, European & East Asian languages.
Sakhr Software Egypt
Arabic language processing technology, localization, Machine Translation
Saudisoft Arabic localization
Scriba Polish translation
SDL Intl
SH3, Inc.
Skrivanek Translation Services
Central and Eastern European language services
SpanSource (English) Español
Spanish and Portuguese language services
STAR AG STAR Translation Technology Solutions
Stoquart s.a.
Strictly Spanish
Sunrise Translation Shanghai
Symbio-Group Symbio China, Taiwan and U.S.
Internationalization, testing, localization and Asian customer support services
Tek Translation International Inc.
Texel Localization Israel
Hebrew software localization.
Thames Translations International Ltd.
Today Translations
TRADTEC.COM Traduções Técnicas
Traducta Lisbon, Portugal
Traduction-Worldwide Québec, Canada
English, French, Spanish, Italian and German
Tranflex AB aka Scandinavian-Translations.com
Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Trans Gulf Management Consultants United Arab Emirates
TransABC Translation Services
translate.org.za South Africa
South Africa's 11 languages
Translatin Brussels
Translations International
Transpanish offers English Translation Services
Ushuaia Solutions Argentina
Varadinum Translations Romania
viaLanguage Portland, Oregon
Visio Translations Madrid, Spain
VistaTEC Dublin, Ireland
Weizman Software Localization (WSL)
Wintranslation Canada
Win and Winnow Communications Argentina
WordHouse localisation bv Netherlands
WorldPoint Hawaii
Logo for XenCraft
XLsoft Irvine, CA (Japanese)
XTRA Translation Services
Translation and Interpreter Services
Yamane Documentation Inc. (山根ドキュメンテーション)
Japan-English Localization

Companies providing Localization, Translation, Business Globalization or Internationalization Engineering services and their contact information.

Lista de empresas que prestan servicios de localización, de traducción, de globalización de negocios o de ingeniería de internacionalización, junto con la información necesaria para ponerse en contacto con ellas.
(Translation courtesy of DiaLOC.)

Eine Liste mit Kontaktinformationen der Unternehmen, die Lokalisierungs-, Übersetzungs-, Business Globalization- oder Internationalization Engineering-Services anbieten.
(Translation courtesy of Milengo.)