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Green PC (Personal Computers)

Concern for the environment and the energy crisis led to the marketing of products, including computers, that were better for the environment. Marketers came up with the term: Green PC (personal computer). However, although you could buy a Green PC in markets around the world, the definition of Green PC might change in each market. Here are some examples.

United States' Definition of Green PC

In the U.S., a Green PC is one that saves energy, uses less power and has a number of options such as to dim the monitor when it hasn't been used for some time etc. Conserving imported energy resources, such as oil, is paramount.

Sweden's Definition of Green PC

In Sweden. a Green PC is one where the computer doesn't give off a high degree of radiation, such as x-rays, from the picture tube. Health and medical safety is paramount.

United Kingdom's Definition of Green PC

In the U.K., a Green PC is one where the parts are recyclable. Of course, when you live on an island, how you dispose of materials that are not biodegradable or are potentially toxic is a significant issue.

Other Definitions of Green PC

If you know of definitions for Green P.C. for other countries, I would be glad to hear of them.