I18nGuy's Top 10 List:
Reasons He Chose To Be "I18nGuy"

I18n Guy

There was a brief debate on the value of abbreviations (actually numeronyms) such as i18n, l10n, etc.
They are considered goofy, or at least inappropriate English by some.
My kids consider it a clear sign of Dorkiness.

I therefore felt I should defend using the modest monicker of I18nGuy vs. the longer InternationalizationGuy or the politically correct InternationalizationMaleHumanBeing or the more acceptably abbreviated Intn'lGuy or the totally pretentious sounding "Dr. International". (Well OK, I wanted the last one but it was already taken.)
Ergo, I created this Top 10 List.

The I18nGuy's Top 10 List:
Reasons To Be I18nGuy
10.Size- I18nGuy fits on a license plate, parking space, bus. card.
9.Accessibility- Even if you break both thumbs you still have enough digits left to count to 18.
8.Collation- It sorts ahead of L10nGuy
7.Uniqueness- Contractions like "In'l'n" means something else in Hawaiian. (Somebody tell me what it means.)
6.Secrecy- Brits and Ozzies can't tell from the spelling I am American!
5.Panache- It gives me an air of mystery!
4.Global- In Turkey, there are only 2 spellings, with and without the dot on the "i", instead of 16!
(There are 4 i's in Internationalization)
3.Style- I can order my drinks "shaken, not stirred" like that other numeronym: 007 ("Hello, I am Guy, I18n Guy.")
2.Speed- Typing i18n instead of internationalization, get's me back to the bar faster...
 And the number one reason, I went with "I18nGuy"...
1.Dollars- Saving a fortune paying by the letter for personal ads "I18nGuy seeking I18nDoll"