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The Unicode Consortium hosted a Haiku Contest at the IUC33 Unicode and Internationalization Conference.
The rules were that each entry must fit the pattern of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

Here are the Top 10 Winners of the Unicode Conference Haiku Contest.

Below are my entries. Of course, no winners among them.

Unicode Haikus

Klingon is absent
It is a good day to die
If you are klingon

My text knows no bounds
What is a grapheme cluster?
Give me a break please.

How much is enough?
More than one hundred thousand!
Twenty six seemed fine.

Turtles and turtles
Many turtle characters
Makes Unicode soup

Combining accents.
Above, below, on the side
It's giving me strokes

Damn Mojibake!
Unicode saves my bacon
Makes me a hero

Mysterious box.
Which character could it be?
Choose another font.

Nantucket Girl starts
this Haiku, not Limerick.
Thanks I18n.

Man runs in to bar.
Top bar, underbar, tone bar?
Now it's broken bar.

I posted them to facebook and all the white space was removed, making the haikus unreadable. So...

 Damn facebook interface.
 All my white space gone. kaput.
 Damn UI ruined haikus.

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