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Internationalization (I18n), Localization (L10n), Globalization (G11n), Guidelines, Checklists, and Resources

Here are checklists for proper internationalization (i18n), localization (l10n), globalization (g11n), etc.

Web Sites With Internationalization And Localization Guidelines and Resources

XenCraft MultiLingual Computing ICU
I18n Book list Everson Typography Unicode Consortium
Unicode Consortium's Useful Resources W3C Internationalization Resources for Locales

Software Globalization Sites

Terminology and Glossary Pages

Internationalization and Localization Guidelines and Checklists

Author/Vendor Document type Document Location
Tex Texin and Yves Savourel Tutorial Web Internationalization Tutorial (ppt, pdf, 2.6Mb)
Microsoft Win32 Checklist Win32 Checklist
EURESCOM Report (Multivolume) Multilingual Web sites: Best Practice, Guidelines And Architectures
Graphical Report (.pdf)
Main Report (.doc, .pdf, .zip)
Annex A Web site technologies (.doc, .pdf, .zip)
Annex B Overview of Language Processing Tools and Techniques (.doc, .pdf, .zip)
Annex C Applications of speech technology (.doc, .pdf, .zip)
Annex D Define possible architectures for the pre-selected services (.doc, .pdf, .zip)
I18nGuy Unicode Win32 C/C++ Checklist Cheat Sheet: Unicode-enabling Microsoft C/C++ Source Code
OpenOffice Globalisation in Software Design Globalisation in Software Design
Graham Rhind
GRC Database Information
Postal Address Formats Postal Addresses
Kermit Project, Columbia U. Frank Da Cruz's Guide To Postal Addresses
Universal Postal Union Postal Addresses And Formats
Also available in French and German
The Cover Pages International Address Standard UPU S42-1
BitBoost Systems ™ International Mailing Address Formats
OASIS Universal Business Language UBL Address Package Drawing
OASIS Universal Business Language XML Format For Business Documents UBL 1.0
OASIS CIQ Formats in XML standards
names, addresses formats, customer information and relationships
XML standard for Customer Information Quality
(name, address formats and relationship info.)
World Telephone Numbering Guides Formats Telephone Codes And Formats
Markus Kuhn Formats Paper Sizes
Tomohiro KUBOTA Resources for developers Debian Developer's Introduction to I18n
Opentag XML Guides XML Internationalization and Localization FAQ
Markus Kuhn FAQ UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ for Unix/Linux
Human-Computer Interaction Resources Resources Intercultural Issues (list of resources)
Alan Wood’s Unicode Resources I18n Resources Unicode and Multilingual Support in HTML, Fonts, Web Browsers and Other Applications
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Internationalisation (I18n), Localisation (L10n), Globalisation (G11n), Guidelines, Checklists, and Resources