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Welcome to Spam Glam!

Here is a gallery of images and photos that I liked or thought might be useful one day to glamorize or demonstrate something on a web page. The image files all came to me via spam, completely unsolicited and unwanted e-mail messages. Now I am no legal expert, but I figure if you stick something in my paw, that I didn't ask for, you mean for me to do with it whatever I want.

So I have started saving image, photo and graphics files here. I have also edited out any text or other stuff relevant to the original spam, to make the images immediately useful and generic. Since the images came to me free, I thought I would spread the wealth and now they are yours for the taking too.

Please copy the image files locally when you use them, so my servers aren't impacted. Here are brief instructions for copying a photo to your machine. Using Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows, right-click on the image. Then choose "Save Picture As...". Using Netscape Navigator on Microsoft Windows, right-click on the image. Then choose "Save Image As...".

Hey, wouldn't it be nice if everyone took out the useful bits from spam and made it available to the general public? Maybe start a whole virtual spamosphere of useful free stuff!

Shoot me an email if you use a pic on your site. Most recent reported good use is by the hilarious folks at and my favorite: Be sure to click on episode one!

Legal fine print:This page does not constitute legal advice or instruction. Use these images at your own risk. I believe some spammers steal their images from other web pages and so in fact do not have rights to the images they use to promote their products and services. If I am notified that any image violates a copyright I will remove it.

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Here's the Spam Glam!

Flag of the European Union 61x39
European Union Flag
Flag of the United States 61x39
U.S. Flag
Shipping Crate 50x45
Shipping Crate 50x45
Visa logo 71x46
Visa logo 71x46
Skyscrapers 194x52
DVD player
DVD player 285x53
Magnifier 57x56
Magnifier 57x56
girl listening
Girl listening 166x68
Vampires cavorting?
Vampires? 260x74
Medical people standing
Medical people 156x75
Man and woman heads 118x82
Man & woman 118x82
SUV vehicle
SUV 160x83
Man walking thru business area
Man walking thru business area 324x86
Cell phone 64x87
Cell phone 64x87
Diamond ring
Diamond Ring 105x89
Red Corvette in the Desert
Red Corvette 150x90
Kid up on shoulders 123x90
Kid on shoulders 123x90
green and red stars
Green and red stars 150x90
Wild man on the phone
Wild man on phone 132x94
Woman and laptop
Woman and laptop 155x94
Group in a business meeting
Business meeting 195x95
A happy couple
Happy couple 115x100
Flowers in the sun
Flowers in sun 100x100
Map of the world
World Map 194x103
$100.00 252x106
Business surfer
Business surfer 128x106
Lips 115x110
Oval beach image
Oval beach image 267x110
Happy SUV Owners
Happy SUV Owners 135x110
Happy Faces
Happy Faces 119x112
Girl showing off belly button
Girl's belly button 135x115
Large Wall Clock
Clock 131x117
Before and after hair pulling
Before and after hair pulling 245x117
Skyline 447x125
Girl in Comfy Chair
Girl in Comfy Chair 105x125
Bag of Money
Moneybag 115x125
DVD player and remote
DVD player and remote 354x137
Couple working on computer
Couple working 134x149
Stylish geek girl
Stylish geek girl 132x149
view from the pool
poolside view 205x150
Mansion 258x154
Couple, mouths open
Couple, mouths open 187x155
Couple laughing in bed
Couple laughing in bed 242x165
Girl's profile
Girl's profile 141x170
hand giving out Ben Franklins
Hand giving out Ben Franklins 229x175
Pile of cash 199x178
Cash Stacks 199x178
Girl in bikini on beach
Bikini girl 156x181
Happy woman, looking left
Happy woman head shot, looking left 150x185
Naked girl with sore neck 106x191
Girl with sore neck 106x191
Girl looking at CD
Girl looking at CD 224x200
Roller blader on a log
Roller blader on log 179x201
Girl looking over the shoulder 187x204
Girl looking over the shoulder 187x204
What if they gave a meeting and nobody came?
Meeting solo 222x210
Scared or surprised businessman
Scared businessman 144x219
Woman showing the way
Woman showing way 150x230
Girl rinsing off in shower
Girl rinsing 120x240
Silhouette of couple looking at sunset
Couple looking at sunset 330x240
Woman doing a reverse spider crawl
Woman doing a reverse spider crawl 337x247
Woman doing a ceiling spider crawl
(This one is just too much fun! I had to flip it.) Woman doing a ceiling spider crawl 337x247
Spy examining building
Spy Guy
Beach fun
Beach fun 278x278
Couple knocking heads
Couple knocking heads 370x278
Oh, the horror, the horror...
Oh, the horror, the horror... 100x285
Bored Girl
Bored Girl 352x288
Girl with sign- Fill in your own message!
Girl with your message! 290x329
Model girl head shot
Model girl head shot 170x330
Girl reading a letter
Girl reading a letter 374x331
Guy in white shirt and tie
Guy in white shirt and tie 208x348
Girl nuzzling guy
Girl nuzzling guy 300x350
Monkey chilling on the beach
Monkey chilling on the beach 310x357
A happy couple looking side ways
Happy couple looking sideways 209x379
Girl holding up the wall
Girl holding up the wall 400x394
Hands on a keyboard
Hands on a keyboard 264x487

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