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Business Globalization Service Providers

These companies provide globalization services and can help you with the business and management aspects of globalizing your company. For example, creating product strategy and establishing foreign offices or finding and partnering with distributors, etc.

For help with translations and localization see: Localization Vendors
For help internationalizing software or Web applications, see: Internationalization Consultants

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Business Globalization Companies
Company Contact Information
Logo for XenCraft www.XenCraft.com
Adrian Moss Associates www.business-initiatives.com
China Business Group, Inc. www.cbg-inc.com/index.html
Common Sense Advisory
Common Sense Advisory, Inc.
Japan Entry Corporation www.japanentry.com/
Paradigms Consulting Group www.paradigmsgroup.com/entrepreneurs.html
The York Group www.theyorkgroup.com/index.html