Free (Copyleft) Unicode font for Osmanya

Mark Williamson has created a TrueType font for the Osmanya script named Andagii. The font file also supports Ugaritic and Shavian.
Mark has created another font for the Linear B script named Penuturesu. The Andagii and Penuturesu fonts are available without cost by download under Copyleft licensing.

Andagii and Penuturesu Font Download Instructions

Right click on the following links and select "Save As..." to download Mark Williamson's Andagii font or to download Mark Williamson's Penuturesu font. The first file is a Zip file "" which contains the file "ANDAGII_.TTF". The second file is a Zip file "" which contains the file "PENUTURE.TTF".

Support for Andagii and Penuturesu Fonts

Please note that the fonts are created and supported by Mark Williamson. Please address all questions about the fonts to Mark. Mark can be reached at "aaaboyz1 AT hotmail DOT com". (That's an e-mail address designed to fool spammers. wink wink.)

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Unicode Encoding of Osmanya Script

The Osmanya script is encoded in Unicode at U+10480-U+104AF. This 48 character range is in the first supplementary plane. The Unicode character U+10480 is represented by a high and low surrogate code point, "D801 DC80" in UTF-16. U+104AF is represented by "D801 DCAF". You can see the code chart for the Osmanya script, images of each character, the Unicode character names and other information in this Acrobat PDF file on the Unicode Consortium web site.

If you are on a Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, or XP system and have not used Unicode supplementary characters before, you should read this page Setting up Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or Windows XP to support Unicode supplementary characters.

HTML and XML NCR Encoding of Osmanya

To encode Osmanya characters in HTML or XML, you can use the hexadecimal Unicode scalar values U+10480-U+104AF in hexadecimal Numeric Character References (NCR). For example, the NCRs for the first and last characters of the Osmanya range are written as 𐒀 and 𐒯.

Examples using Osmanya and Linear B Scripts

The Osmanya and Linear B scripts are used in the I18nGuy's Example Unicode Plane 1 Usage for Business Applications Encoded as NCRs and Example Unicode Plane 1 Usage for Business Applications Encoded as UTF-8 web pages. To learn more about these and other related Unicode example pages, see Introduction to: Examples of Unicode Usage for Business Applications